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2018 Healing Circles

$30 per classFrom $24 per visit with 5-Healing Circles Attendance Pass passPurchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Single-visit price $30
Three Healing Circles $70 • 3 visits • Save $15 with this discounted series
5-Healing Circles Attendance Pass $120 • 5 visits • Save $25 off the usual contribution rate with this 5-circle pass. Attending and receiving regular healings keeps the energy moving and helps you to move more quickly toward the attainment of your goals.
One-Month Goals & Career Space Healing Package $600 • 12 visits •

This month-long package includes:

  1. Four customized healing circle healings healings (either in-person or remote)
  2. Two graduate-level readings and healings (one of which is a business or house healing)
  3. A half-hour clairvoyant interview at the very beginning with Richard, Trish and Laura all together to ascertain your needs and desires.
  4. A private 1-hour healing with Maestra Trish
  5. A private 1-hour healing with Maestro Richard
  6. A private 1-hour healing with Reverend Laura

All sessions will be recorded for you.

Divine Love Healing Package $700 • 20 visits •

The greatest expression of Divine Love is your absolute freedom to create what you want ... good bad or ugly. Of course life on planet Earth challenges all of us to strive to remain free in the face of that which would otherwise enslave us. We came from absolute freedom and to that we shall return. This is the mystery and promise of The Divine. This healing package will be custom designed to set you free. To make your heart feel light again. It will help you to shed the baggage of the past so you can face the future with some neutrality, ease and amusement.

The Mother & The Self $700 • 8 visits • Save over $100 of this series of readings and healings designed to take the energy of "the mother" in your space and transmute its power into progress!
Love Thyself Healing Package $800 • 8 visits •

This package is designed to help you examine the contents of your heart and mind efficiently so you come back with some good answers and you feel empowered and frankly … more beautiful. When one likes and even loves oneself we open ourselves up to a new understanding of our own beauty and the place of such beauty in the way of things. We also open ourselves up to others who are wanting and willing to appreciate such beauty.

Immunity Healing Package $1,250 • 20 visits • This package offers comprehensive customized healings on whatever energies are affecting your ability to adapt and thrive in your life! Immunity involves lot's of things both physical and spiritual (really how different are these two things?) This package is designed to say hello to and heal foreign energies in your space that create sickness and disease. Enhancing your immunity through energy work will help you to heal yourself better and faster and allow you more freedom to accomplish what you want.

Times are in Eastern Time (US & Canada)